Wood Gifts

More and more people realize how it is to Mother Earth and that material such as plastic and other non-renewable resources us in the long life on it make it more difficult is. Therefore, you can feel a slight but clear turnaround in the world of giving away ! “Back to the roots” can almost be thought of as meaning, because more and more gifts made from renewable materials go to the shop counter or to the online shopping cart.

Accordingly, good old wood is at the top. Wooden gifts for men, is that possible? Oh yeah! When we put our idea, a blog with a focus on trendy, cheap, brand-new and innovative men’s gifts, into reality in 2019, we were not aware of how much potential the ” gifts from wood ” area had. We were accordingly amazed when we had to add more and more wooden gifts to our bestseller list. Which, of course, made us very happy, since the topic of sustainability also plays a big role for us.

We already celebrated incredible sales success with the wooden kits from Ugears. Naturally made of wood, no glue or other chemicals are required and the best thing: All models have a mechanical function! Since we were convinced by the mixture of required manual skills, patience, spatial thinking and functionality, we presented our top selection in a small blog article.

Wooden gifts do not necessarily have to be related to handicrafts. We have also found what we are looking for in fashion and can also say that the noble flies made of wood are among our top sellers. Style meets sustainability! But apparently the best way to combine the topic of alcohol with wood is because there are countless suppliers who have just specialized in it. Personalized liquor banks and jugs made of wood, wooden bottle cap collecting cards , noble globe bars or the long-running hit “the men’s handbag ”.

The first magic word has been spoken: “Personalized”! Hardly any other material can be as simple and visually appealing to customize personal preferences like wood. Each blank is carved, milled or engraved into an absolutely unique piece . And here we are with the second magic word : “unique piece”. The uniqueness arises not only from the mostly handcrafted, individual inscriptions, but above all from the grain of the tree, which there is no second time will give.

Made with love from a piece of nature, it is really well received! So if you are looking for a gift for a nature lover, eco, hipster or old hippie , you should definitely find it here!

Clockwork made of wood – a contemporary gift idea

You can hardly believe it – not only does this wooden movement * look really beautiful – it works!

The UGEARS wooden model has a 20-minute timer with a wind- up alarm function. The mechanical movement can be set to a desired time of 1-20 minutes. The tricky clockwork has a roller as a pendulum and a self-adjusting system on the back.

As great and complicated as it may sound, this wooden model is relatively easy to assemble in two to three hours and consists of only 107 individual parts.

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