Is STEM toy more expensive than other toys?

Even if STEM toys promise a special learning effect, they don’t have to be more expensive than other toys. However, the price differences are very large, especially for STEM toys for kids.

The name STEM does not necessarily have to be included in the name. You will also find educational educational toys without the addition of STEM in the name.

The price range for toys developed according to the STEM principle ranges from $ 7.99 to over $ 1,000.

So you can already eg simple plug toy plastic from 8 $ get.

Under 50 $ you’ll find all sorts of STEM kits and STEM board games.

The STEM kits for advanced users with built-in motors or other technical extras usually cost between $ 50 and $ 100.

Models with a price of over $ 100 often combine programming technology and remote control with complex kits. These models are suitable for all ages from 12 years and are still very popular with adults.

Basically, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to teach your child a lot.

Construction kit, board game, stick – what types of STEM toys are there?

To give you an overview of the wide world of STEM toys, here are some examples, sorted by age suitability.

From 3 years old

STEM toys for small children from 3 years of age primarily train fine motor skills and imagination, but at the same time lay the basic building blocks for understanding scientific relationships.

From 4 years

At the age of 4, your child can construct more complex structures and plan and think.

The marble run is a great way to attract your child’s interest in construction and to offer him an imaginative challenge.

From 5 years old

At the age of 5 your child is already at preschool age and can build according to instructions and recognize and understand scientific connections.

The beginner construction kit offers first experiences in construction and is specially developed for small hands.

From age 6

Your child is now a school child, gets to know the world of numbers and discovers new knowledge every day.

The following construction kits do not demand too much. They arouse curiosity through an exciting design goal and are designed to be child-friendly.

From 8 years

Construction and construction kits from 8 years of age offer a lot of variety and the right destination for every interest. Whether your child wants to build a windmill, a steam engine, a crane, a roller coaster or a racing car – the offer is almost limitless.

From 10 years on

From the age of 10, the technology and construction becomes more and more demanding and is often a real challenge for adults too. The various models remain diverse, even if the construction of vehicles of all kinds is mostly used for this age group.

The Lego Technik product range is a good example of high-quality STEM toys that do not have the distinctive four letters in the name.

14 years and older

For models from the age of 14, basic technical understanding and experience in design are required. The professional versions of STEM toys can rightly fill the builder with pride once they are properly assembled and function as desired.

Trends and innovations

In today’s digital age, toys also adapt to technical progress. This is especially true for the innovative STEM toy. For example, the latest models work together with the tablet or iPad or can be controlled by apps.

Video instructions on the Internet let your child quickly understand the construction of the toy and also provide it with helpful and interesting information, as well as background knowledge about physical relationships.

The programming of technical and digital processes offers a completely new learning field today and can be taught and encouraged in early childhood.

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